Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Data Centre Virtualization, AI & Machine Learning and much more...

Stopping Ransomware with Autonomous Response

Ransomware and Phishing, what it is and how do you stop it?

Integration made easy with
Surestep SI and Boomi

Defending Active Directory: Lessons Learned from Recent Cyberattacks

Silver Linings: Immune System Technology for Cloud & SaaS

Research - Our not so secret weapon in the battle for security

Data Security: Safe practices for the ever changing technological landscape

The SOC of the Future:
From Patchwork to Platform

The Dos and Don’ts of Recovering Active Directory from a Scorched Earth Disaster

Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery
as a Service

V11 is out:
What you need to know!

Transform your meeting space for smarter, faster collaboration

Top 5 Mistakes in
Rushed Teams Deployment

Accelerating AI Development
and Deployments

Recovering from a
Destructive Cyber Attack

Build, Run, Manage
a Software Defined Environment

Renaissance of the PC –
Enabling new world Workplaces

Ransomware in Focus: How AI Stays One Step Ahead of Attackers

Digital Transformation:
Strategies for a Changing City

How NVMeOF and SCM are enabling new storage architectures

What's Missing in Your M365 Security and Data Protection?

Autonomous SOC - Reality VS Hype

Trends in Cybercrime and Their Enterprise Impact

Unlocking Your Data Potential with PowerScale OneFS

Strategies to deliver faster more efficient application performance on Dell PowerEdge Servers

Stop Playing Chicken –
Get Cost Effective Disaster Recovery from Storagepipe and Veeam

Storage for any Workload with Dell EMC PowerStore

Mobile Threat Defense -
Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

"Protecting You From You!"
The #1 Challenge In The Age of Software Defined Everything

The Threat Evolution & The Protection Revolution

Why Hacking is More a Behavioral Problem Than a Technological One

PowerEdge Servers – The Bedrock of the Modern Data Center

The Importance of Cloud Migration in a COVID-19 World

Smash Through Memory & Storage Bottlenecks with Intel Optane Technology and Dell PowerEdge Servers

Incident Response Lessons Learned From the Front Lines

VeeamON 2020 Recap
in 60 minutes

Introducing the most Intelligent PCs with built-in AI

Acceleration of Digital Transformation by COVID-19

Digital Transformation Strategy Through Data and Analytics

AI, Intelligently. A Current Look into AI in Cyber Security

Work 2.0 – Facing New Realities as the World Returns to Work

What Point Tools Can’t Tell You – The Cyber Security Effectiveness Problem

Critical Rebuild Materials for
Cyber Recovery

AI Powered Transformation

Building Zero Code,
Zero Footprint BOTS

The IoT storm ... Will we survive the coming deluge?

Learn how to Provide a Consistent Hybrid Cloud Experience




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