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What Point Tools Can’t Tell You –
The Cyber Security Effectiveness Problem

Recorded: June 10, 2020

Matt Duench
Product Marketing Manager
Arctic Wolf

Matt Duench is a Security Product Marketing leader at Arctic Wolf with expertise in telecom, network security, and digital risk management. With a love for storytelling, Matt can be found working closely with customers and partners to help them better understand their digital risk posture, or reciting “What the Ladybird Heard” from memory to his two young daughters. Before joining Arctic Wolf, he led product marketing at smart mobility company, Miovision, and led Network Security Product Marketing at global telecom solutions provider, Sandvine. Over his 20-year career, he has held senior marketing and technology roles at Bell, Sun Life Financial, Maplesoft, Sandvine, and Miovision.

Carlos Gil
Director and Head of Technology Operations
Hyperwallet Systems

Carlos Gil is the Director and Head of Technology Operations for Hyperwallet Systems, a PayPal Service. He was the CISO and CTO of Hyperwallet Systems prior to the PayPal’s acquisition of Hyperwallet in November 2018. Prior to Hyperwallet, he was the CISO at PMC-Sierra. Previously, he worked at Telus Corporation in Vancouver, where he spent 15 years in positions ranging from system administrator to director of security architecture, cyberthreat intelligence and vulnerability management. In that role, he led Telus’ information security architecture and vulnerability management teams. Carlos worked through numerous wireless and wireline initiatives and put in place information security strategies and practices to keep that organization safe from cyber crime and threats now affecting so many companies around the world.

Carlos has a law enforcement background. Before joining Telus, he was a senior parole officer with the Department of Public Safety in the government of Canada. Additionally, he has a degree in criminology with a specialization in computer crime from Simon Fraser University.

Recorded: June 10, 2020
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Today, organizations spend more than $120B/year on cyber security defenses, purchasing tools from more than 3,000 vendors in the space. Even with all these options, companies still find themselves the victim of a data breach with more than 3,800 reported in 2019 alone!
Often times, a data breach occurred not because the tool failed to detect the threat or alert on the vulnerability – they failed because a lack of proper workflows, processes, and people to know what to do next, and how to prioritize remediation.

These are not product failures. They are operational failures.

During this session, Matt Duench from Arctic Wolf, and Carlos Gil from Hyperwallet will discuss what leads to the cybersecurity effectiveness problem, how to address it, and offer some examples of how to better identify and close gaps in your security posture that your existing point tools might be missing.



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