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The Threat Evolution & The Protection Revolution

Recorded: September 9, 2020

Motti Elloul
VP Customer Success
Perception Point

Motti acts as the VP of Customer Success and Head of Incident Response at Perception Point for over 3 years. In his role, Motti oversees all interactions with end customers and partners and leads the cyber analysis and channel management. Prior to joining Perception Point, Motti served as Senior Sales Engineer and as Director of Technology and New Products at Red Bend (acquired for $250MM by Harman Kardon).

Michael Calev
Director of Strategy & Marketing
Perception Point

Michael has been at Perception Point for 3 years and he is responsible for the overall strategy of the company and its marketing plans. Prior to joining Perception Point, Michael served as an Investment Banking Analyst at Morgan Stanley after serving as a Senior M&A Associate at KPMG.

Amgad Megid
VP of Sales

Recorded: September 9, 2020
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Attackers never rest. They are always inventing new ways to sneak by the current generation of security solutions. In this discussion-oriented webinar, Perception Point will review the evolution of threats, map out the current threat matrix in the world of email, explain the risk of unsecured collaboration channels, why legacy solutions are doomed to fail and why the multi-layered approach is needed to prevent the next attack.

The webinar will include real-life examples of attacks, campaigns, and attack techniques, as well as a short demonstration of Perception Point’s platform.



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