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What's Missing in Your M365 Security and Data Protection?

Recorded: October 13, 2020

Kevin May
Vice President, Storagepipe

Kevin May leads the Storagepipe sales team in providing the right solutions for clients while developing new service offerings. He has over 20 years of sales, business development and executive leadership experience globally in disaster recovery, data protection, cloud storage, IT technology, and infrastructure. Kevin utilizes his vast data centre expertise as the President for AFCOM GTA.

Gabrielle Champagne
Security Expert & Channel Manager, Zerospam  

Gabrielle Champagne is Channel Manager at Zerospam and has many years of customer experience and business development expertise in the IT security industry. Her goal is to make cybersecurity accessible & relevant for all business sizes. In collaboration with partners, Gabrielle has hosted various well-received conferences around cybersecurity. Mrs. Champagne is also a Community Lead for the Women in Technology Network. The association mission is to promote diversity & inclusion in technology companies and to educate on the topic.

Recorded: October 13, 2020

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In the era of remote work, businesses that can easily and securely collaborate and communicate have a critical advantage. This need is accelerating business transformation and the pace of migration to tools that enable teams to work together while far apart.

In the rush to Microsoft 365, many organizations are overlooking how vulnerable they are to cybersecurity breaches and devastating data loss. While Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure, data and access remains the customer’s responsibility.

The risks compound as workers increasingly work remotely and communicate through email, which is the #1 vector for malware. 76% of organizations have been targeted by threat actors through emails delivering malicious attachments and links. This method is highly effective, resulting in 91% of cyber threat incidents being introduced through email communications.

Join our webinar to get key insights from Storagepipe Vice President, Kevin May and security expert Gabrielle Champagne from Zerospam on the latest Microsoft 365 protection, management, strategies, and tools.

Learn about the importance of enabling inbound and outbound AI scanning email security, management of settings and configurations like MFA and ATP to ensure continued security, and how to choose cost-effective and reliable backups and rapid disaster recovery that best fits your business needs.

Storagepipe and Zerospam work together to ensure comprehensive pro-active threats detection, data protection and disaster recovery for our customers.



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