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Top 5 Mistakes in Rushed Teams Deployment 

Recorded: February 24, 2021

Roy Martinez
Strategic Solutions Consultant
Quest Software

Roy Martinez is a Strategic Solutions Consultant for Quest Software. For the past several years, Roy has assisted a variety of enterprises with the daunting task of taking the plunge into the Microsoft Cloud. When not working with clients on migrations, he enjoys reading, writing, and performing the odd magic trick for friends and family.

Recorded: February 24, 2021
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Microsoft Teams has become the lifeline for remote and hybrid work during the pandemic.  In fact, Teams grew faster than anyone ever thought possible, surging from 20 million daily active users in November 2019 to 115 million as of October 2020. While Teams is helping organizations stay agile and resilient in the new work-from-home era, the pandemic ultimately forced many knee-jerk reactions and rushed deployments.  There were many configuration decisions made without a full knowledge or understanding of what the platform truly entails on the backend. 

One of the biggest issues to adopting enterprise tools at this pace and scale is that the necessary steps between deployment and full adoption are not always fully understood. The result: an unmitigated content mess!

Teams adoption is only going to increase in 2021. The time is now to learn from the shortcuts or mistakes you didn’t know you were making with your Teams deployment. There are many ways you can regain control to govern the information generated from the collaboration taking place today.



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